#117 – “O Tannenbaum” (1993)

O Tannenbaum 7"

L.K.: God, my iPod loves having this come up on shuffle. A.S.: Really? I guess your iPod wants every day to be Christmas for you. L.K.: Oh yeah, or at least it did until I had to erase all the music from it. It isn’t even a particularly good version of this song though, although it is in fractured phonetic … Continue reading

#34 – “Twisting” (1990)


L.K.: Speak of the devil, a Flood song! I wonder how many people of our generation first heard of The dB’s and Young Fresh Fellows through this song. I can say it’s the first place I heard of them, at least. A.S.: Scott McCaughey seems to be pretty thankful about that. L.K.: Yeah, which is awesome of him. He could’ve … Continue reading

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