#102 – “Extra Savoir-Faire” (1994)

John Henry

L.K.: More bass clarinet goodness for you! A.S.: Yesssss. This song has some pretty prominent bass clarinet action, which is always a good thing. I dare anyone to name me a shitty song with serious bass clarinet in it. L.K.: It’s got some fun wind scoring in general. A.S.: It does!  The arrangement for this is pretty neat, the 2-against-3 thing going on … Continue reading

#18 – “I Should Be Allowed To Think” (1994)

John Henry

L.K.: I have to start this discussion by saying that when other people were teenagers and were probably sneaking looks at pornography or something, I was sneaking my mom’s old college poetry textbook into my bedroom at night and was reading “Howl”. A.S.: Your mom wouldn’t let you read “Howl”? L.K.: …Also Edgar Allen Poe, but that’s unrelated … Continue reading

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