#108 – “She Was A Hotel Detective” (1994)

Back To Skull

L.K.: I have been in love with this song since 2006, when I first heard it on the semi-defunct TMBG Clock Radio.(I say semi-defunct because you can still download it and unless you have a Mac, it still works, but it hasn’t really been updated in ages…) A.S.: Yeah, having had a Mac my entire life, this … Continue reading

#107 – “Come On And Wreck My Car” (1992)

Apollo 18

L.K.: We are having the worst luck lately! A.S.: Yeah, although I will say that this is one of my favorite “Fingertips” songs. It has a good energy that sustains its 12-second length. L.K.: Its single-sentence lyric is the sort of thing that sounds great when shouted or shrieked at increasingly higher pitches, as Flansburgh tends to do in … Continue reading

#4 – “Sleeping In The Flowers” (1994)

John Henry

L.K.: Possibly my favorite song on all of John Henry, which is probably tied with TMBG’s first album as my favorite album of theirs.  And it’s the song that may or may not be about getting stoned in Central Park. A.S.: I wouldn’t doubt that it’s about drugs. L.K.: Oh yeah, it certainly could be.  I mean, something … Continue reading

#2 – “I’ve Got A Match” (1988)


A.S.: Have you ever heard the phrase from which the title is based?  “I’ve got a match: your face and my ass.” Because I haven’t. L.K.: Nope, I haven’t either.  Maybe it’s a relic of a previous time. A.S.: The Johns’ schooldays L.K.: I wonder why this was one of three Lincoln songs that didn’t make it to their Lincoln … Continue reading

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