#99 – “What Is Everyone Staring At?” (????)


A.S.: For as much as I love this song, I can really understand why it’s remained unreleased. L.K.: Well, it’s probably because it later was released, albeit with a completely new set of lyrics and a missing segment of music! A.S.: Or rather, I guess I can understand why Linnell rewrote the lyrics, or chopped that chunk of melody out. As … Continue reading

#81 – “I’m Sick (Of This American Life)” (2000)

They Got Lost

L.K.: Oh, speaking of cannibalization of parts of songs… A.S.: The line “I didn’t come here to socialize” later turned up as “I’m not here to socialize” in “Cyclops Rock”, although I think it’s safe to say most people heard “Cyclops Rock” prior to this one. L.K.: Well, also a line about glass eyes too, only here it’s … Continue reading

#79 – “I Blame You” (1992)

The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) EP

L.K.: Freeeeebiiiiiird. A.S.: Yeah, are we going to merge the songs or discuss them separately? L.K.: Good question. The melody is identical but the lyrics are completely different. A.S.: The arrangement is also totally different. L.K.: That isn’t something that happens that often in the TMBG discography, as opposed to say, Elvis Costello, who writes entirely different songs using the … Continue reading

#14 – “Sensurround” (1995)


L.K.: Holy radical bridge change, Batman. So, there are two versions of this song, and the second is WAY MORE ROCKIN’. A.S.: It is, although I think I might prefer the first one (the one on the Power Rangers Movie OST over the S-E-X-X-Y EP one). L.K.: Wait, really? Hmm… Guess I tend to gravitate towards faster tempos. A.S.: Normally I do too, but … Continue reading

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