#105 – “WMOB ID” (Robin “Goldie” Goldwasser; 2001)

TMBG Unlimited - October

A.S.: Well this isn’t exactly what I was thinking when I said, “I hope we start getting songs we really like again.” L.K.: Big hits every day, here on They Might Be Giants Song A Day!  “Big”. “Hits”. So uh, this is less than 10 seconds long. Not really sure what to say, other than subject matter-wise, it … Continue reading

#93 – “Something You’d Like To See” (Little Lisa Whitman; 2001)

TMBG Unlimited - October

L.K.: One of everyone’s least favorite songs! Okay no, it’s not that it’s really awful, it’s just… very modern Broadway. A.S.: And for what it’s emulating, it does a fantastic job at it. I guess people just don’t like that sort of thing. L.K.: For most rock fans there’s a very sort of knee-jerk reaction against musical theatery stuff. Not just … Continue reading

#44 – “Chaos By Design” (Colorwheel; 2001)

TMBG Unlimited - September

A.S.: This is one of the Battle of the Bands tracks from the latter half of TMBG Unlimited. L.K.: Oh yeah, I remember… not being entirely sure what band/style this was supposed to be parodying. A.S.: I had no idea either, honestly. “The scoop on Colorwheel: Lisa and Liza are the ladies behind the mic and the computer screen, … Continue reading

#30 – “Town To Town” (Hello The Band; 1993)

Hello The Band EP

L.K.: HELLO THE BAND! I first heard this song less than a year ago because I had absolutely no idea where to get ahold of the Hello the Band EP. A.S.: And then I believe you sent it to me and then I first heard it. L.K.: It’s the sort of thing that has to be shared between fans … Continue reading

#23 – “I Hear A New World” (2004)

Cast Your Pod To The Wind

L.K.: I knew this was a theme song, but didn’t realize this was a cover. A.S. had it the other way around. A.S.: Yep, I knew this was a cover but I had no idea it was anything’s theme song. L.K.: Shame Flans’s radio show only lasted, what, two episodes? Not like he has the time to run a … Continue reading

#21 – “Extra Krispy” (Mono Puff; 1998)

It's Fun To Steal

L.K.: Our first Mono Puff song! First song from either man’s side-projects, actually, and this is a great song to illustrate the sort of things you could do with a side-project that wouldn’t really fit in with the rest of They Might Be Giants’ musical output. A.S.: Well, it’s not as if TMBG’s output really concedes to … Continue reading

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