#93 – “Something You’d Like To See” (Little Lisa Whitman; 2001)

TMBG Unlimited - October

L.K.: One of everyone’s least favorite songs! Okay no, it’s not that it’s really awful, it’s just… very modern Broadway. A.S.: And for what it’s emulating, it does a fantastic job at it. I guess people just don’t like that sort of thing. L.K.: For most rock fans there’s a very sort of knee-jerk reaction against musical theatery stuff. Not just … Continue reading

#89 – “Empty Bottle Collector” (2001)

Working Undercover For The Man EP

A.S.: Or “Empty Bottle Blues”. L.K.: This is the same as “Empty Bottle Collector,” right? Because I don’t have an “Empty Bottle Blues”. A.S.: Err, yeah I guess its original name is “Empty Bottle Collector”; I have it as “Empty Bottle Blues”. It’s another one of those songs with more than one title. L.K.: It’s another of those Malcolm instrumental … Continue reading

#72 – “La Dolce” (2000)


[audio http://www.tmbg.com/_media/_pod/TMBGPodcast22A.mp3] [“La Dolce” found 4 minutes, 4 seconds into podcast.] A.S.: …And a mere two songs later, we get another Malcolm instrumental. L.K.:  One that actually shares the same main melody line as one of the ones we just mentioned! I used to get a couple of these instrumentals confused, and now I remember why—while … Continue reading

#70 – “Rotary Club” (2000)


[audio http://www.tmbg.com/_media/_pod/TMBGPodcast5B.mp3] [“Rotary Club” found 5 minutes, 47 seconds into podcast.] A.S.: This is a little Malcolm in the Middle instrumental that can be found on a podcast. L.K.: I first heard it on a podcast… is that where it made its debut on an official release? A.S.: Yup, although it’s been floatin’ around on Malcolm bootlegs n stuff for a while. I get … Continue reading

#62 – “Kids Are Different Now!” (Spool 409; 2000)

TMBG Unlimited - October

L.K.: We’re really getting a lot of these Battle of the Bands tracks the past few weeks, it seems… A.S.: Just two, right, including this one? L.K.: Maybe I’m just getting confused because we were discussing the project with regards to other, unrelated songs. A.S.: This is one of the songs recycled for the project; it’s gone under three … Continue reading

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