#118 – “Sally Boy Candy Bar” (1983)

TMBG Unlimited - July

A.S.: AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH L.K.: This fucking song. A.S.: SKJVN;SZKNBSZFG LBNFGH’N EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE L.K.: We should’ve done this yesterday when I had my capslocking excitement! It’s worn off since then! A.S.: I’m trying to recapture the excitement of seeing this pop up in the shuffle. L.K.: I can’t feign keyboard-smashes… Go copy and paste whatever I did yesterday. A.S.: Sorry I was busy watching Mon Oncle at My Mind’s Eye and … Continue reading

#43 – “A Self Called Nowhere” (1994)

John Henry

A.S.: This song is incredible. L.K.: It really is. This unholy combination of faux-Boston accents and circular lyrics and that trippy chorus… none of it should work, but it does. Really really well. The verses feel like they’re not even from the same song, relative to the chorus. A.S.: This song has one of the strangest chord progressions of any pop song I know. It … Continue reading

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