#56 – “Rat Patrol” (1999)

Long Tall Weekend

L.K.: This is one of those songs that wound up differing pretty radically from an earlier Dial-A-Song number with the same title. It blows my mind to discover that they’ve played this song live, because it seems like the sort of song that would never see a setlist. A.S.: Well, they’ve barely played it live, apparently only a … Continue reading

#52 – “On Earth My Nina” (1999)

Long Tall Weekend

L.K.: I guess this breaks our good song streak… sort of? A.S.: This is great, who are you kidding. L.K.: Though as far as short, weird songs go, it’s definitely more interesting than most. John Linnell wins points for devising the weirdest way to introduce a new song to the public – by performing it backwards. A.S: It’s definitely one … Continue reading

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