#112 – “AKA Driver” (1994)

John Henry

L.K.: Oh I was just thinking about this song earlier, in the wake of the Kanye West “Theraflu” debacle. A.S.: Yep.  Looks like Theraflu won that one. L.K.: Remember kids, you can have brand names in songs, but you just can’t print them. A.S.: The company posted a message saying that they in no way endorsed the song, and then I … Continue reading

#102 – “Extra Savoir-Faire” (1994)

John Henry

L.K.: More bass clarinet goodness for you! A.S.: Yesssss. This song has some pretty prominent bass clarinet action, which is always a good thing. I dare anyone to name me a shitty song with serious bass clarinet in it. L.K.: It’s got some fun wind scoring in general. A.S.: It does!  The arrangement for this is pretty neat, the 2-against-3 thing going on … Continue reading

#51 – “Meet James Ensor” (1994)

John Henry

L.K.: Oh jeez. The roll continues. A.S.: Where do we begin with this one? L.K.: Where do you begin? Well for starters, James Ensor is very much an actual guy, and you can go to a (good) museum and check out some of his works. The Museum of Modern Art in New York City, for one, has some of his paintings. … Continue reading

#43 – “A Self Called Nowhere” (1994)

John Henry

A.S.: This song is incredible. L.K.: It really is. This unholy combination of faux-Boston accents and circular lyrics and that trippy chorus… none of it should work, but it does. Really really well. The verses feel like they’re not even from the same song, relative to the chorus. A.S.: This song has one of the strangest chord progressions of any pop song I know. It … Continue reading

#18 – “I Should Be Allowed To Think” (1994)

John Henry

L.K.: I have to start this discussion by saying that when other people were teenagers and were probably sneaking looks at pornography or something, I was sneaking my mom’s old college poetry textbook into my bedroom at night and was reading “Howl”. A.S.: Your mom wouldn’t let you read “Howl”? L.K.: …Also Edgar Allen Poe, but that’s unrelated … Continue reading

#4 – “Sleeping In The Flowers” (1994)

John Henry

L.K.: Possibly my favorite song on all of John Henry, which is probably tied with TMBG’s first album as my favorite album of theirs.  And it’s the song that may or may not be about getting stoned in Central Park. A.S.: I wouldn’t doubt that it’s about drugs. L.K.: Oh yeah, it certainly could be.  I mean, something … Continue reading

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