#87 – “All Things Considered” (Mono Puff) (2001)

TMBG Unlimited - October

L.K.: The TMBG-NPR connection continues. A.S.: With a funky Mono Puff cover of the All Things Considered theme, which is also as far as I know, the last released Mono Puff recording. L.K.: Yeah, although the fact that this was released at all is kind of weird. Mono Puff was on All Things Considered at least twice; in 1996 … Continue reading

#37 – “Imaginary Friend” (Mono Puff; 1998)

It's Fun To Steal

L.K.: This is another one of those funky Mono Puff things that I tend to get confused with other Mono Puff things. A.S.: I suppose, although a lot of those aren’t traditionally structured pop songs like this one is. So that sets this one apart from some of the others. L.K.: I feel like this narrator is particularly unreliable and … Continue reading

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