#116 – “Ana Ng” (1988)


A.S.: Oh boy. L.K.: HOLY SHIT. Can I start this off by saying that this is my favorite TMBG song OF ALL TIME? OF ALL TIME. A.S.: I wouldn’t go so far with that, but it is impossible to deny its greatness. L.K.: It is absolute musical and lyrical perfection. Also it is up there with “Accidents Will Happen” on my … Continue reading

#95 – “Stormy Pinkness” (1990)

A.S.: Well, dear reader, we apologize for the delay this weekend, but believe or not, L.K. and I lead lives outside of this blog. Well, sort of. L.K.: Mostly radio-based. Or at least this week that was the case. A.S.: Yep, it was the week of our radio station’s annual Telethon! So we’ve been busy begging for money and taking … Continue reading

#90 – “Montana” (1999)

State Songs

L.K.: This is such a great song, but I’m really preaching to the choir by saying that. I don’t think anybody who likes any of the rest of TMBG’s stuff at all dislikes “Montana. A.S.: Yeah, it’s one of those quintessential Linnell songs.  It has virtually everything you could ask for in a mid-tempo power pop song: a couple tremendous … Continue reading

#64 – “Battle For The Planet Of The Apes” (1998)

Severe Tire Damage

L.K.: One in a series of “Planet of the Apes” songs, and one that mysteriously made its way back onto setlists as of 2011. A.S.: I guess it was the Planet of the Apes Hollywood reboot that inspired TMBG to bring it back, but at the same time, did anyone even see that film? L.K.: I sure didn’t. The stupid … Continue reading

#56 – “Rat Patrol” (1999)

Long Tall Weekend

L.K.: This is one of those songs that wound up differing pretty radically from an earlier Dial-A-Song number with the same title. It blows my mind to discover that they’ve played this song live, because it seems like the sort of song that would never see a setlist. A.S.: Well, they’ve barely played it live, apparently only a … Continue reading

#12 – “Mink Car” (2001)

Mink Car

L.K.: Oh man, I was just thinking about this song last night! A.S.: Right?  As I was playing “Hopeless Bleak Despair” on the radio, you mentioned how weird it was that nothing from this album had come up yet, and sure enough… L.K.: Well I was also specifically thinking about this song when we were talking about … Continue reading

#4 – “Sleeping In The Flowers” (1994)

John Henry

L.K.: Possibly my favorite song on all of John Henry, which is probably tied with TMBG’s first album as my favorite album of theirs.  And it’s the song that may or may not be about getting stoned in Central Park. A.S.: I wouldn’t doubt that it’s about drugs. L.K.: Oh yeah, it certainly could be.  I mean, something … Continue reading

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