#114 – “I’ve Got A Fang” (2001)

Mink Car

L.K.: I think “strange” is really the only word I have to describe this song. A.S.: Oh yeah.  Shades of the band’s earlier work really find their way into this one, only with a much bigger budget. L.K.: It seems like it’s trying too hard though, unlike the more organic weirdness of the earlier stuff. A.S.: You think … Continue reading

#108 – “She Was A Hotel Detective” (1994)

Back To Skull

L.K.: I have been in love with this song since 2006, when I first heard it on the semi-defunct TMBG Clock Radio.(I say semi-defunct because you can still download it and unless you have a Mac, it still works, but it hasn’t really been updated in ages…) A.S.: Yeah, having had a Mac my entire life, this … Continue reading

#35 – “Pennsylvania” (1999)

State Songs

L.K.: I don’t like this song. It’s annoying. I can’t even get excited about it being our first state song because this song annoys me so much. A.S.: See, I don’t understand what’s so annoying about it. It’s just this little (mostly) instrumental interlude; I like the violin too.  Pretty sure it’s the only tune on State Songs with a violin, … Continue reading

#28 – “Can’t Keep Johnny Down” (2011)

Join Us

L.K.: At long last, a Join Us track! A.S.: The first one on the album, too! L.K.: Can we just go waaaay waaay back for a second and let me complain about Pitchfork again, because I have no idea why they decided to debut this track on Pitchfork. Granted, it was very exciting at the time because OMG NEW … Continue reading

#26 – “Lazyhead And Sleepybones” (2002)


L.K.: Gotta go listen to this because I literally think I have only heard this song once; I’ve never listened to No! all the way through. A.S.: Really? L.K.: Yeah. A.S.: Oh wow. L.K.: The kids albums just… I mean, I’m not three years old, so I saw no reason to listen to them. A.S.: No! is a bit … Continue reading

#3 – “Even Numbers” (2008)

Here Come The 123s

L.K.: You know, if I were a kid, I don’t even know if this would explain to me what an even number is. A.S.: It is a bit too long an explanation for such a simple concept. I’d probably end up skipping too many numbers. L.K.: It’d be fine if it was musically or lyrically interesting, but it’s … Continue reading

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