#52 – “On Earth My Nina” (1999)

Long Tall Weekend

L.K.: I guess this breaks our good song streak… sort of? A.S.: This is great, who are you kidding. L.K.: Though as far as short, weird songs go, it’s definitely more interesting than most. John Linnell wins points for devising the weirdest way to introduce a new song to the public – by performing it backwards. A.S: It’s definitely one … Continue reading

#25 – “Dinner Bell” (1992)

Apollo 18

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Fan-made video up there contains images of internal organs, might not be for the squeamish.] L.K.: This is the sort of song that seems like it’d be impossible to pull off live… but they’ve done it. At least 40 times. They’ve never done so with enough vocalists to cover all the melodies, countermelodies, and harmonies … Continue reading

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