#111 – “D & W” (2005)

Here Come The ABCs

A.S.: “I like to watch the sports.” L.K.: This isn’t going to win any songwriting awards, but damn is it cute. A.S.: John Linnell in a dialogue with himself. Can’t go too wrong with that premise. L.K.: He’s got a secret desire to be a voice actor, I’m telling you. At least he can do amusing accents. The D puppet from the video is … Continue reading

#33 – “Number Two” (2008)

Here Come The 123s

A.S.: I’d love to hear a Danny Weinkauf solo album. L.K.: I still remember when all the 123s stuff was brand new and nobody was quite sure who was singing this. I said probably Danny, and I am glad to know I have been VINDICATED BY HISTORY. A.S.: Yeah, he sounds like nothing like the Weinkauf we heard on … Continue reading

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