#95 – “Stormy Pinkness” (1990)

A.S.: Well, dear reader, we apologize for the delay this weekend, but believe or not, L.K. and I lead lives outside of this blog. Well, sort of. L.K.: Mostly radio-based. Or at least this week that was the case. A.S.: Yep, it was the week of our radio station’s annual Telethon! So we’ve been busy begging for money and taking … Continue reading

#13 – “The Statue Got Me High” (1992)

Apollo 18

A.S.: We’ve gotten pretty lucky over the last few days, just in terms of really great consecutive songs. L.K.: We really have, which means we’ll probably get cursed with an unlucky streak later on… A.S.: And you were also hoping we’d get a song with a music video too, so here we are. L.K.: Let’s cover the music video … Continue reading

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