#101 – “Crushed By Dust” (2011)


L.K.: Oh god, I forgot how much I hate this. This is a total non-song. This makes me long for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song. A.S.: Whoa, watch what you say there. See, having not heard it in a while, and taking it out of context from the Adventure Quest Worlds thing, it just sounds like a … Continue reading

#66 – “Santa Cruz” (2004)

Venue Songs

L.K.: This is the most fucked-up of all venue songs, and therefore, it is the greatest. A.S.: Okay, I’m not 100% sure on greatest, but it is pretty wonderful. L.K.: Okay yeah, me either, I just really wanted to say that. I have this bizarre love for this song. I think everyone, deep down, really enjoys this song. I don’t … Continue reading

#63 – “Here Come The ABCs” (2005)

Here Come The ABCs

A.S.: The effect on the keyboard is pretty cool, whatever exactly that is. Some kind of clippy tremolo thing. L.K.: More annoying shouting kids. It’s kind of unfair that this even counts as a song given its brevity, but then again, it’s no worse than a Fingertip, I guess. A.S.: It’s a track on the album — the first track … Continue reading

#56 – “Rat Patrol” (1999)

Long Tall Weekend

L.K.: This is one of those songs that wound up differing pretty radically from an earlier Dial-A-Song number with the same title. It blows my mind to discover that they’ve played this song live, because it seems like the sort of song that would never see a setlist. A.S.: Well, they’ve barely played it live, apparently only a … Continue reading

#55 – “Everything About It Is A Podcast” (2007)


[audio http://www.tmbg.com/_media/_pod/TMBGPodcast23A.mp3] [Song found at 1 minute 31 seconds into podcast] L.K.: Okay, well that was short. No wonder I don’t remember hearing this before. A.S.: The “Theme From Podcast 23A“. L.K.: We got the goods, we got the goods. A.S.: This is a fun, inconsequential little tune. L.K.: I feel like it reminds me of something I’ve heard before, but I … Continue reading

#32 – “Alphabet Of Nations” (2005)

Here Come The ABCs

L.K.: You know, this might be the kids song that has wound up being played in more “adult” shows than any other. A.S.: I think “Clap Your Hands” might be the only one that’s been played more. L.K.: Similar to “Clap Your Hands”, different sections of the fanbase seem to have pretty different opinions about this song, and … Continue reading

#29 – “What Is A Shooting Star?” (2001)

TMBG Unlimited - April

L.K.: Thanks to this song, we know that it is not a star at all. A.S.: It’s just a meteor heading for a fall. This song has a somewhat interesting history, given that it’s probably most often heard as part of Here Comes Science but was recorded and first released much earlier. L.K.: And it’s from the same compilation of space-related … Continue reading

#12 – “Mink Car” (2001)

Mink Car

L.K.: Oh man, I was just thinking about this song last night! A.S.: Right?  As I was playing “Hopeless Bleak Despair” on the radio, you mentioned how weird it was that nothing from this album had come up yet, and sure enough… L.K.: Well I was also specifically thinking about this song when we were talking about … Continue reading

#1 – “Countdown Intro” (1988)


A.S.: It’s just perfect that this is the first thing that popped up in the shuffle.  It really couldn’t have been a more suitable selection. L.K.: God, I love this. A.S.: They assume we have nine toes. L.K.: What other band would start a show like this?  This is such a quintessentially early TMBG thing since it’s so damn weird… “Professor … Continue reading

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