#78 – “Vancouver” (2004)

Venue Songs

A.S.: Well, we’re back! I guess it’s not technically Monday anymore, but our schedules aren’t terribly consistent anyway L.K.: We might’ve had it done earlier had my computer not decided to act up again… it’s been dying a slow, painful death for a very long time. A.S.: Well, or if I hadn’t gone and seen ANDREW W.K. tonight, which was tremendous … Continue reading

#41 – “Boston” (2004)


[audio http://www.theymightbegiants.com/mp3/boston.mp3] L.K.: The infamous lost venue song, right? A.S.: One of the infamous lost venue songs. This one is actually available on their website; the true lost venue song is “New York”, the Irving Plaza one. L.K.: Given the questionable musical quality of some of the venue songs that actually were released, what is it about this one (and especially that one) that … Continue reading

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