#102 – “Extra Savoir-Faire” (1994)

John Henry

L.K.: More bass clarinet goodness for you! A.S.: Yesssss. This song has some pretty prominent bass clarinet action, which is always a good thing. I dare anyone to name me a shitty song with serious bass clarinet in it. L.K.: It’s got some fun wind scoring in general. A.S.: It does!  The arrangement for this is pretty neat, the 2-against-3 thing going on … Continue reading

#94 – “I Walk Along Darkened Corridors” (1992)

Apollo 18

L.K.: Another Fingertip, woohoo. But one of the most epic of all “Fingertips”! A.S.: The dramatic conclusion to “Fingertips”! L.K.: This is THE go-to “Fingertip” for Dan Miller guitar pyrotechnics. A.S.: At least whenever they play it live. L.K.: Also for ridiculous over the top vocals from Linnell, again, during live shows. A.S.: Yeah, for an extremely basic I-IV-V chord progression, they … Continue reading

#20 – “I Hear The Wind Blow” (1992)

Apollo 18

(This song goes from 0:18 – 0:28) L.K.: Well, this’ll be short. We’d been having such a good run of songs, we were about due for a “Fingertip” or something… A.S.: Yes, an impressive ten-song streak has finally ended. I suppose we should contextualize for anyone reading this who is unaware (whoever on Earth you are, non-TMBG fan reading … Continue reading

#19 – “Lie Still, Little Bottle” (1988)


A.S.: Well, we’re really blowing our load on the Lincoln tracks here. L.K.: We swear this isn’t rigged! Though I was just reappraising my feelings about Lincoln earlier today. I have no idea why I had such a lukewarm reception to this album before. A.S.: It’s consistently been my favorite since I first listened to it, I think. L.K.: I mean, my … Continue reading

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