#16 – “Tippecanoe And Tyler Too” (2004)

Venue Songs

L.K.: I was just thinking about this song all week, because I’ve been going back and listening to a bunch of political and presidential-themed music A.S.: It’s pretty nutty how all these songs keep conveniently popping up. This has to stop soon. L.K.: It’s too convenient. It’s eerie. A.S.: We can’t keep lucking out like this. L.K.: But yeah, this is … Continue reading

#14 – “Sensurround” (1995)


L.K.: Holy radical bridge change, Batman. So, there are two versions of this song, and the second is WAY MORE ROCKIN’. A.S.: It is, although I think I might prefer the first one (the one on the Power Rangers Movie OST over the S-E-X-X-Y EP one). L.K.: Wait, really? Hmm… Guess I tend to gravitate towards faster tempos. A.S.: Normally I do too, but … Continue reading

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