#49 – “Don’t Let’s Start” (1986)

They Might Be Giants

L.K.: AAAAHHH WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF ALL THE GOOD SONGS. A.S.: I’m enjoying discussing all these undisputed classics/popular favorites, but we’re setting ourselves up for just, I dunno, five lousy kids songs in a row at some point. L.K.: We are going to get 10 “Fingertips”/McSweeney’s songs, followed by “Ten Mississippi”. A.S.: We’ve had a disproportionately large number of really … Continue reading

#7 – “32 Footsteps” (1986)

They Might Be Giants

L.K.: Another song whose meaning is completely unclear to me. A.S.: Yeah, I suspect it’s the sort of song that doesn’t really have one. L.K.: Also I really dig John Flansburgh’s harmonica playing on live versions of this song. A.S.: Ah, okay, I wasn’t sure who that was on the harmonica. L.K.: I’m not sure who it is on the … Continue reading

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