#89 – “Empty Bottle Collector” (2001)

Working Undercover For The Man EP

A.S.: Or “Empty Bottle Blues”. L.K.: This is the same as “Empty Bottle Collector,” right? Because I don’t have an “Empty Bottle Blues”. A.S.: Err, yeah I guess its original name is “Empty Bottle Collector”; I have it as “Empty Bottle Blues”. It’s another one of those songs with more than one title. L.K.: It’s another of those Malcolm instrumental … Continue reading

#83 – “I Am A Human Head” (2000)

Working Undercover For The Man EP

A.S.: So this was one of the songs originally intended for No! but was deemed too strange for a children’s album. L.K.: As if the subject matter was any less “weird” in an adult song. A.S.: It’s an odd song no matter how you look at it, although I think its exclusion from No! would be due to kids’ likely inability to … Continue reading

#81 – “I’m Sick (Of This American Life)” (2000)

They Got Lost

L.K.: Oh, speaking of cannibalization of parts of songs… A.S.: The line “I didn’t come here to socialize” later turned up as “I’m not here to socialize” in “Cyclops Rock”, although I think it’s safe to say most people heard “Cyclops Rock” prior to this one. L.K.: Well, also a line about glass eyes too, only here it’s … Continue reading

#56 – “Rat Patrol” (1999)

Long Tall Weekend

L.K.: This is one of those songs that wound up differing pretty radically from an earlier Dial-A-Song number with the same title. It blows my mind to discover that they’ve played this song live, because it seems like the sort of song that would never see a setlist. A.S.: Well, they’ve barely played it live, apparently only a … Continue reading

#53 – “All Alone” (1999)

They Got Lost

L.K.: Well this shouldn’t take too terribly long. A.S.: Nope. L.K.: I don’t know, this song qualifies as the bad kind of minimalism to me. A.S.: Yeah, this does absolutely nothing for me. L.K.: The main element of the chorus is literally just one repeated note, but there’s nothing else going on harmonically. Apparently this was written really quickly, but it … Continue reading

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