#79 – “I Blame You” (1992)

The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) EP

L.K.: Freeeeebiiiiiird. A.S.: Yeah, are we going to merge the songs or discuss them separately? L.K.: Good question. The melody is identical but the lyrics are completely different. A.S.: The arrangement is also totally different. L.K.: That isn’t something that happens that often in the TMBG discography, as opposed to say, Elvis Costello, who writes entirely different songs using the … Continue reading

#65 – “Moving To The Sun” (1992)

The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) EP

L.K.: Oh man, this is such a great little B-side. A.S.: I adore this song; its arrangement is just spectacular. L.K.: It’s pretty minimal, yet effective. A.S.: Just a great utilization of negative space. The staccato synth-bass/drum machine hits provide this really tense introduction the finger snaps, that incredibly creepy Hammond organ solo in the middle of the song.  There’s a lot … Continue reading

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