#86 – “Free To Be You And Me” (2006)


[audio http://www.tmbg.com/_media/_pod/TMBGPodcast6A.mp3] [“Free To Be You And Me” starts at 4 minutes, 24 seconds into podcast.] L.K.: I know TMBG has done a lot of covers, but I feel like we are getting a disproportionately large number of them relative to originals. A.S.: I dunno, we haven’t had any in a while. L.K.: “Dog On Fire”? A.S.: Oh yeah. Well. They … Continue reading

#77 – “Dog On Fire” (1999)


[audio http://www.tmbg.com/_media/_pod/TMBGPodcast47.mp3] [“Dog On Fire” found 4 minutes, 52 seconds into podcast.] L.K.: I believe there are at least two They Might Be Giants recordings of this song… A.S.: Are there? L.K.: Yeah–anybody who has been watching The Daily Show long enough has probably noticed that on the rare occasions that they play the full version of this song … Continue reading

#72 – “La Dolce” (2000)


[audio http://www.tmbg.com/_media/_pod/TMBGPodcast22A.mp3] [“La Dolce” found 4 minutes, 4 seconds into podcast.] A.S.: …And a mere two songs later, we get another Malcolm instrumental. L.K.:  One that actually shares the same main melody line as one of the ones we just mentioned! I used to get a couple of these instrumentals confused, and now I remember why—while … Continue reading

#70 – “Rotary Club” (2000)


[audio http://www.tmbg.com/_media/_pod/TMBGPodcast5B.mp3] [“Rotary Club” found 5 minutes, 47 seconds into podcast.] A.S.: This is a little Malcolm in the Middle instrumental that can be found on a podcast. L.K.: I first heard it on a podcast… is that where it made its debut on an official release? A.S.: Yup, although it’s been floatin’ around on Malcolm bootlegs n stuff for a while. I get … Continue reading

#60 – “Too Real” (2000)


[“Too Real” found 19 minutes, 24 seconds into podcast] L.K.: Ok, so is this some sort of “ironic” parody of cheesy pop music or what? A.S.: I have no idea if he’s trying to be ironic here.  There’s so little known about it; for all we know, it could be something left over from the Mono Puff … Continue reading

#55 – “Everything About It Is A Podcast” (2007)


[audio http://www.tmbg.com/_media/_pod/TMBGPodcast23A.mp3] [Song found at 1 minute 31 seconds into podcast] L.K.: Okay, well that was short. No wonder I don’t remember hearing this before. A.S.: The “Theme From Podcast 23A“. L.K.: We got the goods, we got the goods. A.S.: This is a fun, inconsequential little tune. L.K.: I feel like it reminds me of something I’ve heard before, but I … Continue reading

#38 – “I Enjoy Being A Boy” (2005)


[audio http://www.tmbg.com/mp3/IEnjoyBeingABoy.mp3] A.S.: Weirdly enough, I downloaded a Banana Splits compilation not all that long ago but have yet to listen to it in full.  I think I’ll give it a listen while we discuss this song. L.K.: Aren’t the Banana Splits like a children’s band or something? Or am I completely off base there? A.S.: No, you’re completely correct. … Continue reading

#31 – “P.S.O.K. (Paul Stanley Of KISS)” (2006)


A.S.: I love this song. L.K.: It took me a long time to appreciate it, a looong time. On the one hand I can understand why people hate it, but on the other hand, I kinda can’t anymore. A.S.: I really can’t, I mean, it’s this really funny, incredibly strange collage of Paul Stanley saying variations of the same stage … Continue reading

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