#113 – “Processional” (1996)

House Of Mayors EP

A.S.: Since the technical title of this song is “Processional”, I’ll specify that this is the first “Processional” on the House of Mayors EP L.K.: Not gonna lie, this is my favorite of the three processionals that serve as variations on the main theme of the EP’s title track. A.S.: I’m not sure if this is my favorite or the … Continue reading

#74 – “David Dinkins” (1996)

House Of Mayors EP

L.K.: House of Mayors! Yes! I’ve been waiting for this. A.S.: Certainly one of the rarest and strangest items in the catalogue. And we begin our discussion of this rather esoteric EP with one of its strangest songs. L.K.: People who go into House of Mayors expecting it to be like State Songs, or even Linnell’s regular TMBG stuff, … Continue reading

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