#99 – “What Is Everyone Staring At?” (????)


A.S.: For as much as I love this song, I can really understand why it’s remained unreleased. L.K.: Well, it’s probably because it later was released, albeit with a completely new set of lyrics and a missing segment of music! A.S.: Or rather, I guess I can understand why Linnell rewrote the lyrics, or chopped that chunk of melody out. As … Continue reading

#60 – “Too Real” (2000)


[“Too Real” found 19 minutes, 24 seconds into podcast] L.K.: Ok, so is this some sort of “ironic” parody of cheesy pop music or what? A.S.: I have no idea if he’s trying to be ironic here.  There’s so little known about it; for all we know, it could be something left over from the Mono Puff … Continue reading

#40 – “Mrs. Cinderella” (19???)


L.K.: Aww, one of those weird little Dial-A-Song numbers that never progressed beyond the answering machine. A.S.: A good song at that.  One with some sad-sack Flansburghian lyrics, perfect for Valentine’s Day! L.K.: Musically it’s pretty simple, lyrically it’s pretty incomprehensible… perhaps it was a good thing this song got left behind. There’s obviously some sort of reference to … Continue reading

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