#115 – “Sketchy Galore” (2006)

Cast Your Pod To The Wind

A.S.: Maybe it’s because we haven’t been Song-A-Dayin’ for a couple of days but this song is sounding really good to me today.  Like I’m just diggin’ it more than normal. L.K.: It’s a fun track from the early days of the podcast. I’ve always dug the shifting time signatures. A.S.: Yeah, I feel like this song was partly the … Continue reading

#97 – “Haunted Floating Eye” (2006)

Cast Your Pod To The Wind

L.K.: Talk about weird subject matter. A.S.: Yeah, on a very basic level, this is an extremely simple, fun pop tune. But then there are the lyrics. And the sampled “woop woop”s (whatever those even are) in the background. And the creepy bridge. And the Flansburgh falsetto. L.K.: Oh yeah, falsetto is always very scary. It’s not like the meaning of the lyrics … Continue reading

#91 – “We Live In A Dump” (2006)

Cast Your Pod To The Wind

[Video tagged as “best dang band land grammy” among other things.] A.S.: I’m pretty surprised that this song gets as much live play as it does. L.K.: Yeah, especially considering that it isn’t even an album track. A.S.: Which, aside from a couple of really old B-sides, TMBG pretty much sticks to the songs that appeared on albums. … Continue reading

#82 – “Vestibule” (2006)

Cast Your Pod To The Wind

A.S.: This one is definitely a product of Else-era TMBG.  Just this dark, dense production informing the song. L.K.: Yeah, there’s this sort of indefinable electronic crunchiness to the sonics that fits in with the sound of a lot of stuff they did during that era. I’m not sure about how well the sound of the music fits … Continue reading

#23 – “I Hear A New World” (2004)

Cast Your Pod To The Wind

L.K.: I knew this was a theme song, but didn’t realize this was a cover. A.S. had it the other way around. A.S.: Yep, I knew this was a cover but I had no idea it was anything’s theme song. L.K.: Shame Flans’s radio show only lasted, what, two episodes? Not like he has the time to run a … Continue reading

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