#107 – “Come On And Wreck My Car” (1992)

Apollo 18

L.K.: We are having the worst luck lately! A.S.: Yeah, although I will say that this is one of my favorite “Fingertips” songs. It has a good energy that sustains its 12-second length. L.K.: Its single-sentence lyric is the sort of thing that sounds great when shouted or shrieked at increasingly higher pitches, as Flansburgh tends to do in … Continue reading

#96 – “Mammal” (1992)

Apollo 18

L.K.: You know, continuing yesterday’s brief discussions about words we hate to see used when describing music…I really hate when people call a song “cute” or something similar. Having said that…there is something about this song that actually is honest-to-god cute. It might just be the mental image of a bunch of mammals raising their paws. … Continue reading

#94 – “I Walk Along Darkened Corridors” (1992)

Apollo 18

L.K.: Another Fingertip, woohoo. But one of the most epic of all “Fingertips”! A.S.: The dramatic conclusion to “Fingertips”! L.K.: This is THE go-to “Fingertip” for Dan Miller guitar pyrotechnics. A.S.: At least whenever they play it live. L.K.: Also for ridiculous over the top vocals from Linnell, again, during live shows. A.S.: Yeah, for an extremely basic I-IV-V chord progression, they … Continue reading

#80 – “Something Grabbed Ahold Of My Hand” (1992)

Apollo 18

A.S.: Finally, another “Fingertip”… sixty posts after the only other one we’ve covered. L.K.: Yep, and as usual, I am never really sure what to say about an individual Fingertip. A.S.: Well, this one is sorta notable in that it’s the only one performed in a different key live. L.K.: It’s also notable because, while I previously had no … Continue reading

#25 – “Dinner Bell” (1992)

Apollo 18

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Fan-made video up there contains images of internal organs, might not be for the squeamish.] L.K.: This is the sort of song that seems like it’d be impossible to pull off live… but they’ve done it. At least 40 times. They’ve never done so with enough vocalists to cover all the melodies, countermelodies, and harmonies … Continue reading

#20 – “I Hear The Wind Blow” (1992)

Apollo 18

(This song goes from 0:18 – 0:28) L.K.: Well, this’ll be short. We’d been having such a good run of songs, we were about due for a “Fingertip” or something… A.S.: Yes, an impressive ten-song streak has finally ended. I suppose we should contextualize for anyone reading this who is unaware (whoever on Earth you are, non-TMBG fan reading … Continue reading

#13 – “The Statue Got Me High” (1992)

Apollo 18

A.S.: We’ve gotten pretty lucky over the last few days, just in terms of really great consecutive songs. L.K.: We really have, which means we’ll probably get cursed with an unlucky streak later on… A.S.: And you were also hoping we’d get a song with a music video too, so here we are. L.K.: Let’s cover the music video … Continue reading

#6 – “Turn Around” (1992)

Apollo 18

A.S.: As much as I do enjoy this song, it always seems to toe the line into self-parody a bit too close for comfort. L.K.: What, the whole upbeat melody with morbid lyrics thing? A.S.: Yeah, and the emphasis on the accordion. L.K.: “Morbid” in this case rather than depressing, since it’s not a sad  song. A.S.: No, not at all. … Continue reading

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