#107 – “Come On And Wreck My Car” (1992)

Apollo 18

L.K.: We are having the worst luck lately!

A.S.: Yeah, although I will say that this is one of my favorite “Fingertips” songs. It has a good energy that sustains its 12-second length.
L.K.: Its single-sentence lyric is the sort of thing that sounds great when shouted or shrieked at increasingly higher pitches, as Flansburgh tends to do in concert.
A.S.: It’s a real rock n roll phrase, duder. Encouraging destruction. Anarchy in the UK.
L.K.: I literally cannot think of a single other thing to say about it though. Such is the curse of the 12-second, one-sentence song.
A.S.: Yep.  I dunno, we can bullshit about unrelated things if you want, like that awesome new John Peel online archive. Or the pair of great AV Club interviews posted today.
L.K.: Yeah. Good to hear Gene Ween is doing well & getting/staying sober.
A.S.: His new album is really quite lovely, although I definitely need to give it another, closer listen. It’s a grand departure from Ween’s material, although it certainly isn’t wholly unpredictable given the number of Ween songs out there are 100% flat-out sincere and gorgeous. Those are some of my favorite Ween songs, the ones where they let down their guard and aim for the heart, so it’s nice to see Gene/Aaron further himself in that direction.
L.K.: Yeah, for as much as Ween has a reputation for having weird and/or gross songs, they’ve written some really lovely ones too.
A.S.: And then the other interview with Johnny Marr is nice seeing that he has a really clear, positive view of the old Smiths recordings despite his infamous disputes with Morrissey
L.K.: Yeah, well there was more to The Smiths than just Moz, even though he was the “face” of the band, for better or worse. Sort of sad to hear that Johnny doesn’t really talk to any of them except Andy though. Then again, I have a hard time seeing how anybody could stand talking to/being around Morrissey for any considerable length of time.
A.S.: Oh yeah, I mean half the songs were written by Johnny!  Without him, it’d just be Moz’s oft-ridiculous lyrics. And yeah, as I was telling you, that interview further’s Marr’s likability whereas I still don’t think I’d ever care to meet Morrissey. Both of these interviews have some really great thoughts on pop music in general, so if you like pop music at all I’d recommend giving them a read.

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