#105 – “WMOB ID” (Robin “Goldie” Goldwasser; 2001)

TMBG Unlimited - October
A.S.: Well this isn’t exactly what I was thinking when I said, “I hope we start getting songs we really like again.”
L.K.: Big hits every day, here on They Might Be Giants Song A Day!  “Big”. “Hits”. So uh, this is less than 10 seconds long. Not really sure what to say, other than subject matter-wise, it seems sort of a precursor to “Call Connected Thru The NSA”.
A.S.: Interesting idea linking it to “Call Connected”.
L.K.: It’s the wiretapping connection, although in this case it’s less a political statement and more a direct representation of what the website actually is.
A.S.: Yeah, this was made for a website that hosts wiretapped phone conversations between 1980s mobsters. It’s a very brief jingle that consists solely of multi-tracked Robin Goldwassers, dial tones, and a machine gun.
L.K.: The gunfire is a little… jarring, though.
A.S.: Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous; I like it for that.
L.K.: I misunderstood this initially as being for an actual radio station, but the real WMOB is a Christian station in Alabama, so I don’t think TMBG is in their, uh, demographic.
A.S.: That’s a nice thought, thinking that some hapless WMOB DJ may have played this at some point in the station’s history.  A man can dream, can’t he?

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