#97 – “Haunted Floating Eye” (2006)

Cast Your Pod To The Wind

L.K.: Talk about weird subject matter.

A.S.: Yeah, on a very basic level, this is an extremely simple, fun pop tune. But then there are the lyrics. And the sampled “woop woop”s (whatever those even are) in the background. And the creepy bridge. And the Flansburgh falsetto.
L.K.: Oh yeah, falsetto is always very scary. It’s not like the meaning of the lyrics is unclear or anything, there just… aren’t very many of them. And they’re very weird. This whole song is just weird.
A.S.: Yeah, the lyrics don’t really connect – the narrator is a hundred year old… something whose mother was a spider, killed somebody while working in a traveling show, okay whatever. But then the function of the haunted eye seems completely unrelated to anything else.
L.K.: Hey, even the narrator doesn’t know why he can’t hang out with the haunted eye. Everybody’s in the dark on this one. It’s just one of those songs where you wonder where the idea for it even came from in the first place.
A.S.: Obviously The Residents would be one possible source.
L.K.: Eyeballs!
L.K.: That’s where Mr. Skull came from!
A.S.: Wait, what does Mr. Skull have to do with anything?
L.K.: Because somebody stole the red eyeball mask. That’s when the singing resident got his black skull mask as a replacement, because somebody took his eyeball.
A.S.: Oh, right, I thought we were still talking about “Haunted Floating Eye”. Yeah, why didn’t we mention that in the “Somebody Took My Eyeball” post?
L.K.: I don’t know, but we’re mentioning it now.
A.S.: Hey, speaking of things we neglected in other posts, we had a bit of fact-checking confusion with yesterday’s “Mammal” post, rendering it heavily edited and not nearly as interesting as it could have been.
L.K.: Yeah. In a bout of exhaustion and illness-influenced confusion, I accidentally made a statement to the effect that marsupials are not mammals. In retrospect, that is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever said in my life considering that they are listed as mammals right in the song itself! There are factually inaccurate TMBG songs about science, but “Mammal” is not one of them.
A.S.: Yeah, unfortunately we had to delete lines like “Speaking of multiple penises, this song has the saddest ending,” which made sense in context.
L.K.: Yeah. Look up the Wikipedia article on marsupials sometime, it is a good read, I promise.
A.S.: Thankfully that’s about the only time we’ve ever had to remove chunks of discussion; we usually like to leave things in warts n’ all.
L.K.: It was the only really serious error that also affected huge chunks of discussion around it, as opposed to just being a throwaway statement.
A.S.: But umm, anything else on “Haunted Floating Eye”?
L.K.: Not really. Just that falsetto is still creepy.
A.S.: It’s a good way to spend a minute and a half of your life.

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