#94 – “I Walk Along Darkened Corridors” (1992)

Apollo 18
L.K.: Another Fingertip, woohoo. But one of the most epic of all “Fingertips”!
A.S.: The dramatic conclusion to “Fingertips”!
L.K.: This is THE go-to “Fingertip” for Dan Miller guitar pyrotechnics.
A.S.: At least whenever they play it live.
L.K.: Also for ridiculous over the top vocals from Linnell, again, during live shows.
A.S.: Yeah, for an extremely basic I-IV-V chord progression, they really ham it up.
L.K.: Dan Miller standing on amps, John Linnell holding notes for 20 seconds, all sorts of insanity.
A.S.: Taking the stately pacing of the studio version to bombastic, pompous rock.
L.K.: The studio version is so calm though, in comparison.
A.S.: Yeah, it is.  It’s really lovely. And is that a bass clarinet I hear?
L.K.: Possibly?
A.S.: I think there’s one in there among the organ and cellos. It’s just a very warm, full sound on this one.
L.K.: You know, I have seen internet arguments break out over Linnell’s vocals on this.
A.S.: Yeah, whether it’s Kermit or Morrissey, right?
L.K.: Some people think he sounds like Kermit, some people think he’s doing a Morrissey takeoff.
A.S.: I don’t think this is a black and white issue.
L.K.: I don’t think there’s any evidence to suggest he’s deliberately trying to imitate either of them.
A.S.: It just kind of has that back-of-the-throat thing that ends up sounding like it’s somewhere between Kermit or Morrissey and not necessarily one or the other.
L.K.: He has intentionally imitated Moz on children’s video podcasts though, whereas I don’t think he’s ever done a Kermit impression anywhere else. (Because the kiddies love Morrissey, right? Right.)
A.S.: Morrissey is a lot of fun to imitate.
L.K.: He has a very distinctive yet ridiculous voice.
A.S.: Well, not just the voice either. Not that I would know, but there are thousands of obsessive, sad Moz-heads out there.
L.K.: Yeah, if you think TMBG fans are crazy, you need to go check out the lines outside of a Morrissey gig some day.
A.S.: Or travel to Los Angeles. Anyway, back to this song for a quick second and then I want to talk a little more about Morrissey.
L.K.: All right, what else about this song?
A.S.: Do you think “Fingertips” would work without this? Its 1-minute length feels like an eternity compared to all the other “Fingertips” pieces, so it kind of ties everything together very nicely.
L.K.: It would need some sort of a finale.
A.S.: Exactly. Having some significant ending almost clarifies the jumbled mess that came before it.
L.K.: But yeah, if it were just a bunch of 5 second songs strung together, then it wouldn’t really stay together as a coherent object at all.
A.S.: Yep. Okay, so I think we need to show our dear readers the video for “November Spawned A Monster” because it is the greatest video in history.
L.K.: Oh dear god. It is 6 minutes of a man rolling around in the dirt and humping rocks and pulling apart a tree for no reason.
A.S.: And pulling his shirt open and at one point holding a giant chocolate bar.

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