#92 – “I Am Not Your Broom” (2002)


A.S.: Okay, one thing I’ve never understood about this song is after the broom finishes singing about “throwing off [its] chains of servitude,” why does it then immediately start sweeping? L.K.: Because brooms don’t understand slave revolts. Also because it’s a broom, I mean, what else is it going to do? A.S.: I dunno, live a life of some … Continue reading

#91 – “We Live In A Dump” (2006)

Cast Your Pod To The Wind

[Video tagged as “best dang band land grammy” among other things.] A.S.: I’m pretty surprised that this song gets as much live play as it does. L.K.: Yeah, especially considering that it isn’t even an album track. A.S.: Which, aside from a couple of really old B-sides, TMBG pretty much sticks to the songs that appeared on albums. … Continue reading

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