#89 – “Empty Bottle Collector” (2001)

Working Undercover For The Man EP
A.S.: Or “Empty Bottle Blues”.
L.K.: This is the same as “Empty Bottle Collector,” right? Because I don’t have an “Empty Bottle Blues”.
A.S.: Err, yeah I guess its original name is “Empty Bottle Collector”; I have it as “Empty Bottle Blues”. It’s another one of those songs with more than one title.
L.K.: It’s another of those Malcolm instrumental tracks too.
A.S.: Also, strange that this is the second Working Undercover for the Man EP song we’ve gotten this week.
L.K.: Weird coincidence. Anyway, this features some great wah-wah trumpeting by Jim O’Connor.
A.S.: Yeah, Jim rips it here.  Always reliable for that.
L.K.: I especially love the little ending of his. It’s very old school.
A.S.: You mean with the band dropping out before the solo ends?
L.K.: Well, just the little figure he plays there itself.
A.S.: Ahhh, the little dominant outline.
L.K.: I actually think I might remember hearing this song in a Malcolm in the Middle episode too, unlike most of the other songs that originate from the soundtrack of that show.
A.S.: It was in the episode “Lois vs. Evil”, which means nothing to me.
L.K.: It means nothing to me too. I think it was another series whose episode titles were not featured in the show itself. So I guess technically this song is a blues? I was paying too much attention to the trumpet to really notice the song structure.
A.S.: Yeah, I’m listening to it again just to make sure. But yes, it is a 12-bar blues.
L.K.: I think in the middle it’s more recognizable as a 12-bar blues.
A.S.: Jim really does an excellent job distracting me from the fact that it is just a simple blues tune.  That’s a great solo.
L.K.: Well, most blues songs don’t have crazy electronic-sounding drum parts going on in the background either, but that’s disguising the fact that it really is just this same old ancient song structure.
A.S.: Also, can you think of any other TMBG songs with Jew’s harp in it?
L.K.: And no, I can’t think of any other TMBG songs with that characteristic boing sound. An instrument best used in Western themes, actually. The best of which being this one.

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