#87 – “All Things Considered” (Mono Puff) (2001)

TMBG Unlimited - October

L.K.: The TMBG-NPR connection continues.

A.S.: With a funky Mono Puff cover of the All Things Considered theme, which is also as far as I know, the last released Mono Puff recording.
L.K.: Yeah, although the fact that this was released at all is kind of weird. Mono Puff was on All Things Considered at least twice; in 1996 and 1999. I am not sure which year this was recorded, but I’d probably suspect the latter, since TMBG Unlimited happened in 2001. Unfortunately the archives of these shows are no longer hosted online by NPR, so I’ve never heard the interviews or any of the other performances, although I know Mono Puff’s 1996 appearance featured an earlier version of “Imaginary Friend”, back when it was still called “Felt Tip Pen”.
A.S.: That’s really unfortunate; I’m kind of surprised none of that has wound up on podcasts or the like.
L.K.: Yeah, of all the songs they performed there, I find it weird that the cover is the one that they wound up releasing later.
A.S.: Also, this is a piece that I mistakenly thought was part of the Battle of the Bands project, just from looking at my October edition of Unlimited’s ID3 tags on iTunes.  I really thought they were seriously just stretching for material for that thing, since the whole project kind of found them stretching for/recycling material in the first place.
L.K.: I have no idea where those ID3 tags came from, but something tells me they might not have all been original.
A.S.: Since the band hasn’t been entirely consistent in tagging things.
L.K.: This is the sort of thing that TMBW is great for: archiving stuff that happened when you were too young to have originally read it.
A.S.: And uh, dig that Dan Levine trombone!  Other than that I think that’s all there is on this 39 second instrumental cover.
L.K.: Yep. Yet another tiny little nugget from the turn-of-the-millenium TMBG-NPR mutual appreciation society.

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