#80 – “Something Grabbed Ahold Of My Hand” (1992)

Apollo 18

A.S.: Finally, another “Fingertip”… sixty posts after the only other one we’ve covered.

L.K.: Yep, and as usual, I am never really sure what to say about an individual Fingertip.
A.S.: Well, this one is sorta notable in that it’s the only one performed in a different key live.
L.K.: It’s also notable because, while I previously had no idea who Amy Allison (the vocalist) was, apparently she’s done a bit of stuff. Her dad is Mose Allison too!
A.S.: Which is really cool!  Her dad’s responsible for writing “Parchman Farm”, “Young Man Blues”, “I’m Not Talking” and a bunch of other great songs, many of which became standards of young 60s R&B and garage bands.
L.K.: The Pixies’ song “Allison” is about him, I think.
A.S.: “Hurray the blues of everyone”
L.K.: But back to Amy Allison for a second, I haven’t heard any of the rest of her music, but I uh…I hope her voice doesn’t sound like that all the time.
A.S.: I guess 12 seconds of it is fine; I doubt it, since it seems really affected, but I really don’t know either.
L.K.: It seems like that is her real voice though: “No matter which musical setting you start with, at  first Allison’s singing voice might strike you as a high whine. Imagine a blend of Victoria Williams,  Lucinda Williams (no relation to Victoria), and Doug Martsch (of Built  to Spill). Her voice isn’t really high and whiny, though, as much as  extremely nasal.”
A.S.: That southern nasal drawl.
L.K.: Oh weird, Brian Dewan was a producer/engineer for one of her albums? Man.
A.S.: Everyone knows each other.
L.K.: All the guest vocalists on different Fingertips. All secretly related.
A.S.: We’ll revisit these relations in future “Fingertips” posts… most likely sooner than last time. We should also quickly note that the other day, Apollo 18 celebrated its 20th birthday!
L.K.: Ah yes, of course! It’s old enough to drink in Japan now!
A.S.: I’m sure that’s already come in handy.

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