#76 – “Glasgow” (2004)

Venue Songs
L.K.: Okay, so let’s talk GAY-RAGE… Whoops that just looks like gay rage. I was trying to type a British-accented “garage”.
A.S.: I feel like the British would pronounce “Garage” as GAH-redge. The Scottish too, although I’m no expert on Scottish accents.
L.K.: I guess, although I swear I remember reading about some TMBG show in the UK where part of the banter was focused around the Johns trying (and failing) to pronounce “garage” the proper way.
A.S.: When was this?  Because they haven’t been back to The Garage since the song’s debut.
L.K.: I think it might have been during a radio interview or something rather than a proper show, but again, I can’t remember anything about where or when this was, so I have no idea whether I’m just making this up or not. Let’s get to this song.
A.S.: S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y!  NIGHT! So this song pays homage to pretty much the butt of many 70s pop-rock jokes, Bay City Rollers – an utterly inoffensive pop group from Scotland who had a few big hits.
L.K.: Joke butt or not though, I really enjoy this venue song. Maybe it’s just the circle of fifths-y thing going on in the chorus that draws me to it.
A.S.: This is a great song.  I love how exuberantly Flansburgh shouts about paying $40 to park a car, getting it keyed, etc.
L.K.: Yeah, his performance on the studio version of the track is particularly great. He’s a little more subdued in the version from the soundcheck.
A.S.: Which is sort of the opposite of how it should be…
L.K.: Whatever his voice does on “lose sucker” is really entertaining.
A.S.: Just a big, one minute long ball of energy
L.K.: I wonder if this venue song was inspired by any actual events, similar to the gas tank making its way into the other UK venue song we’ve discussed.
A.S.: Dan Miller doesn’t make much of a mention of it, only that there were fewer drunk 15 year olds than the last time they played The Garage.
L.K.: Ah, European liquor laws.
A.S.: God bless ’em. So, I’m pleased to say that The Garage, largest venue in Scotland, is still open and it looks like it’s doing pretty well.
L.K.: Nice! Even though, as you mentioned, TMBG hasn’t been back to play there since this song’s debut.
A.S.: Nah, although they generally don’t leave the states all that often. But apparently, old AmRep heavy-hitters Helmet are, since they’re playing there next month. And so is ANDREW W.K. who, dear reader, let it be known, is my personal deity. So, good for Glasgow.
L.K.: You know, the melody to this song got completely recycled for the series of kids’ video podcasts in 2008. “Goodbye! G-O-O-D-B-Y-E!”
A.S.: Can’t blame ’em, as you mentioned, that’s one catchy chorus!
L.K.: Yep. Fun for the whole family, even if the lyrics to the original song are about things most children wouldn’t understand at all. (“Key your car?”)
A.S.: It should also be noted that the animation for this one was done by TMBG’s old pals, The Chopping Block, who we’ll cover in greater detail as more relevant songs crop up. Also, the YouTube video for this is tagged as “Spelling Robert Burns Sir Walter Scott Edinburgh Molendinar Burn Empire Exhibition“.
L.K.: Oh Flans. I’m not going to bother attempting to comprehend the rationale behind those tags…
A.S.: I’m guessing entirely Scotland-related, although off-hand I have no idea what Burn Empire Exhibition is.
One Response to “#76 – “Glasgow” (2004)”
  1. Nathan says:

    At one show I attended (actually two, but they were on the same night), Robin did an intro for each of the Venue Songs they performed, and the bit on “Glasgow” included something about the Scots pronouncing the name “garagé.” Obviously not true, but amusing.

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