#75 – “Theme From Unlimited” (2001)

TMBG Unlimited - March

L.K.: Oh I need to re-listen to this, not sure if I know what it is…

A.S.: Yeah, I can’t remember this one off-hand either.
L.K.: What is the deal with TMBG and weird instrumental theme songs?
A.S.: I have no idea, but yeah I guess it is pretty common… “Severe Tire Damage” for one.
L.K.: That one was like game show music, but this one… I have no idea what this is supposed to be, really.
A.S.: According to Flansburgh, it is “fat, fat, ‘pimptastic'”
L.K.: They have done far pimpier songs (“Extra Krispy” anyone?)
A.S.: Half of the Mono Puff stuff.
L.K.: Yeah, Mono Puff is totally the pimpin’ side project.
A.S.: Which if that’s any indication, I’m going to guess that this is a Flansburgh composition.
L.K.: If this is the “theme” from TMBG Unlimited though, why was it not released until March?
A.S.: Maybe they hadn’t written it until then! This is also the first TMBG Unlimited exclusive composition – up until this one, all the songs had or would either appear on Mink Car, No!, McSweeney’s, or were alternate versions of older songs.
L.K.: Maybe they were already scrambling for content! I don’t know. Unlimited seems to have been so disorganized for something so pricey. It makes me feel slightly better about the Instant Fan Club, since that at least came with tangible objects.
A.S.: It’s a nice grab-bag of just wholly random stuff, with, retroactively, a decent amount of otherwise unavailable stuff.  Aside from this little instrumental, the March edition also hosts pretty much the only MP3s available of “Clowntown” and “Monsters of Mud”, and of course, the July edition of Unlimited is invaluable.
L.K.: If they ever get the desire to start selling off ancient demos and live performances again… there is totally a market for that. Those are definitely the coolest things to have come out of Unlimited as far as I’m concerned.
A.S.: And of course, unreleased songs.
L.K.: (Four words: “Sally Boy Candy Bar”)
A.S.: But anyway, back to this little instrumental.
L.K.: I think they like to take advantage of instrumental theme song things as ways to do things outside their genre, sort of like with the instrumental tracks they did for Malcolm in the Middle.
A.S.: They’ve had a lot of opportunities for that sort of thing.
L.K.: Not to say that they are always successful, but the band seems to enjoy it.
A.S.: “This track shows the profound influence of the McG*directed movie version of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ over the band.” I’ve never seen that film, so I had to look up McG because that was confusing; that is in fact how the director is credited for the film. Just… McG.
L.K.: Weird. Somehow I have a hard time seeing TMBG as being into Charlie’s Angels, but then again, look at the number of times they do faux-Charlie’s Angels poses. On the Malcolm set. When receiving their first Grammy. Etc.
A.S.: Also, the flute on this must have been sampled, because Flans claims that TV star William Conrad plays the flute, except that Conrad died in 1994. What the fuck.
L.K.: Things just keep getting stranger and stranger…

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