#70 – “Rotary Club” (2000)

[audio http://www.tmbg.com/_media/_pod/TMBGPodcast5B.mp3]

[“Rotary Club” found 5 minutes, 47 seconds into podcast.]

A.S.: This is a little Malcolm in the Middle instrumental that can be found on a podcast.

L.K.: I first heard it on a podcast… is that where it made its debut on an official release?
A.S.: Yup, although it’s been floatin’ around on Malcolm bootlegs n stuff for a while. I get it confused with a few similar tracks from that soundtrack, namely “Tres Quatro”, until I remember that “Tres Quatro” is obviously the one that it’s 3/4 time.
L.K.: It sounds pretty similar to “Tres Quatro” though, aside from the time signature. Maybe they were used in different scenes of the same Malcolm episode…
A.S.: Similar arrangements – accordion and tuba.  This one’s got a banjo though.
L.K.: It’s a fun little song, but I have absolutely no idea in what context it appeared in the tv show. I’m guessing it involved a Rotary Club.
A.S.: It was also known as “Medieval Pirate Noir” on the old Dial a Song site.
L.K.: Strange…

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