#67 – “Goodnight My Friends” (2005)

Here Come The ABCs
L.K.: Another tiny song, oh boy.
L.K.: Yeah, what a weird coincidence.
A.S.: Get ’em out of the way.
L.K.: Yeah, might as well get through them… though I sort of wish they’d be spaced out a little more evenly so that we wouldn’t have a bunch of big, discussion-ripe songs in a row, followed by a bunch of tiny little things.
A.S.: This is something that is entirely beyond our control. We are slaves to iTunes’ shuffle function. I guess Pat Dillett plays the lone keyboard on this one.  That’s cool.
L.K.: How strange. Maybe they decided after they had already recorded it that there should be a keyboard on it, so Pat just did it himself. I’m never sure to what extent he influences things as a producer…
A.S.: He’s been working with them as producer for what, 15 years or so now? And for longer as an engineer, right? Yeah, started as second engineer on Flood and became full-on co-producer with the band for Factory Showroom.  I’m sure he has a pretty helpful hand in the whole studio process. But yeah, just as ABCs title track was its intro, this is the album’s outro. And that’s it. Got anything else on “Goodnight My Friends”?
L.K.: Nah.
A.S.: Stay tuned then for more disappointing posts from your friends at TMBG Song A Day! Hopefully later than sooner…

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