#65 – “Moving To The Sun” (1992)

The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) EP

L.K.: Oh man, this is such a great little B-side.

A.S.: I adore this song; its arrangement is just spectacular.
L.K.: It’s pretty minimal, yet effective.
A.S.: Just a great utilization of negative space. The staccato synth-bass/drum machine hits provide this really tense introduction the finger snaps, that incredibly creepy Hammond organ solo in the middle of the song.  There’s a lot packed into this little reggae number.
L.K.: I wonder if it was inspired by their cover of “Why Does The Sun Shine”? I’m just thinking about the topic and the reference to 93 million miles.
A.S.: It’s possible!  Although, that one lyric is humorously (and almost definitely intentionally) inaccurate. As opposed to 93 million miles, we get 1 million, 93 miles.
L.K.: I thought it was 93 miles times a million more?
A.S.: Oh wait. You’re right. Crap, I thought it was “93 miles and a million more.”
L.K.: I love the idea of not just moving to the sun, but specifically driving to the sun.
A.S.: It’s just this really whimsical notion, but set to this dark, creeping reggae melody.
L.K.: It’s “a paranoid modest proposal”, according to its composer. I find it interesting that this appeared on a split Flexi-disc with an XTC demo for an issue of Reflex magazine.
A.S.: Yeah, I had no idea about that until just now. Do you recall if TMBG and anyone in XTC had had any sort of interaction prior to this? Because to a young John Flansburgh, that must have been a dream come true – to appear on a single opposite XTC.
L.K.: This is early 1992, so I’d say no. The Hello Club didn’t start until 1993, but Andy Partridge did one of the earlier EPs for that.
A.S.: Perhaps their interaction started through that flexidisc.  Who knows. This song is also in your favorite musical key.
L.K.: Ah yes, B minor. A very good key.
A.S.: Unfortunately the only place this song is found is on that flexidisc and The Guitar EP, as the folks at Elektra never helped the Johns realize the B-sides collection from that era, Superfueled Freaksickle.
L.K.: I probably first heard this song on TMBG Clock Radio, since that was the only place I was able to hear a lot of the Elektra-era B-sides.
A.S.: Thankfully, we have this EP at WRUW, so I was able to hear it there.  But the thought of a complete B-sides collection from that era a la Miscellaneous T is nice, especially since there were a lot of great B-sides from those years. This one included.
L.K.: Well, WEA owns all of that stuff, and I doubt they think they’d make enough money off of it for them to justify re-releasing it.
A.S.: It’s a damn shame the Johns don’t have the rights to all that stuff. A bit relevant given that WEA in conjunction with Asbestos Records is issuing vinyl releases of Apollo 18 and Factory Showroom this year, apparently without the notice of either Linnell nor Flansburgh.
L.K.: The music industry is a cruel mistress.
A.S.: She is. But yeah, this song.  I can’t think of much else to say Other than, damn, that is a cool organ solo in the middle.
L.K.: Yep.
A.S.: It’s also another song that has never been performed live, and unfortunately, probably never will be.  One can always hope…
3 Responses to “#65 – “Moving To The Sun” (1992)”
  1. I always thought the Apollo 18-era B-sides were absolutely amazing. Like, you could make a whole ‘nother record out of ’em, and it’d be JUST AS GOOD as any of the real albums.

  2. A great song, indeed. *points to Twitter handle*

  3. It’s nice to see folks out there who really REALLY dig this one. Championing underdog tracks is something I can always support. I’d contend that the whole boatload of Elektra-era B-sides are just as good as anything on the LPs, which is why it’s such a shame that Superfueled Freaksickle never saw its release. Might have given these rather hard-to-find nuggets a whole new audience.

    – A.S.

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