#63 – “Here Come The ABCs” (2005)

Here Come The ABCs

A.S.: The effect on the keyboard is pretty cool, whatever exactly that is. Some kind of clippy tremolo thing.

L.K.: More annoying shouting kids. It’s kind of unfair that this even counts as a song given its brevity, but then again, it’s no worse than a Fingertip, I guess.
A.S.: It’s a track on the album — the first track for that matter!
L.K.: It seems kind of a silly thing to have on the album though, since it doesn’t really make sense out of the context of the DVD or video podcasts.
A.S.: Nah, it’s an introduction!
L.K.: Even the theme from Flood was its own fully formed song! The weird thing to me is still the fact that “Here Comes Science” came at the end of the eponymous album, unlike the title tracks from the two other Here Come… albums.
A.S.: Although we will discuss that when we get to that song. Even though that’s basically all there is to say about that one, too.

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