#55 – “Everything About It Is A Podcast” (2007)

[audio http://www.tmbg.com/_media/_pod/TMBGPodcast23A.mp3]
[Song found at 1 minute 31 seconds into podcast]
L.K.: Okay, well that was short. No wonder I don’t remember hearing this before.
A.S.: The “Theme From Podcast 23A“.
L.K.: We got the goods, we got the goods.
A.S.: This is a fun, inconsequential little tune.
L.K.: I feel like it reminds me of something I’ve heard before, but I have no idea what.
A.S.: I agree completely. I’m thinking the guitar part reminds me a little bit of Pixies’ “Something Against You”, but that’s a bit too… third-wave ska-like. But I think the chords are a little similar.
L.K.: It’s got a very sort of catchy-yet-generic sound, I guess.
A.S.: Super catchy!
L.K.: But not catchy enough for me to remember having heard it before!
A.S.: Okay, I’m pretty sure we’ve given this song more thought at this point than any other TMBG fan.
L.K.: Yeah. Pretty sure there literally is nothing else to say about it.

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