#82 – “Vestibule” (2006)

Cast Your Pod To The Wind

A.S.: This one is definitely a product of Else-era TMBG.  Just this dark, dense production informing the song. L.K.: Yeah, there’s this sort of indefinable electronic crunchiness to the sonics that fits in with the sound of a lot of stuff they did during that era. I’m not sure about how well the sound of the music fits … Continue reading

#81 – “I’m Sick (Of This American Life)” (2000)

They Got Lost

L.K.: Oh, speaking of cannibalization of parts of songs… A.S.: The line “I didn’t come here to socialize” later turned up as “I’m not here to socialize” in “Cyclops Rock”, although I think it’s safe to say most people heard “Cyclops Rock” prior to this one. L.K.: Well, also a line about glass eyes too, only here it’s … Continue reading

#80 – “Something Grabbed Ahold Of My Hand” (1992)

Apollo 18

A.S.: Finally, another “Fingertip”… sixty posts after the only other one we’ve covered. L.K.: Yep, and as usual, I am never really sure what to say about an individual Fingertip. A.S.: Well, this one is sorta notable in that it’s the only one performed in a different key live. L.K.: It’s also notable because, while I previously had no … Continue reading

#79 – “I Blame You” (1992)

The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) EP

L.K.: Freeeeebiiiiiird. A.S.: Yeah, are we going to merge the songs or discuss them separately? L.K.: Good question. The melody is identical but the lyrics are completely different. A.S.: The arrangement is also totally different. L.K.: That isn’t something that happens that often in the TMBG discography, as opposed to say, Elvis Costello, who writes entirely different songs using the … Continue reading

#78 – “Vancouver” (2004)

Venue Songs

A.S.: Well, we’re back! I guess it’s not technically Monday anymore, but our schedules aren’t terribly consistent anyway L.K.: We might’ve had it done earlier had my computer not decided to act up again… it’s been dying a slow, painful death for a very long time. A.S.: Well, or if I hadn’t gone and seen ANDREW W.K. tonight, which was tremendous … Continue reading

#77 – “Dog On Fire” (1999)


[audio http://www.tmbg.com/_media/_pod/TMBGPodcast47.mp3] [“Dog On Fire” found 4 minutes, 52 seconds into podcast.] L.K.: I believe there are at least two They Might Be Giants recordings of this song… A.S.: Are there? L.K.: Yeah–anybody who has been watching The Daily Show long enough has probably noticed that on the rare occasions that they play the full version of this song … Continue reading

#76 – “Glasgow” (2004)

Venue Songs

L.K.: Okay, so let’s talk GAY-RAGE… Whoops that just looks like gay rage. I was trying to type a British-accented “garage”. A.S.: I feel like the British would pronounce “Garage” as GAH-redge. The Scottish too, although I’m no expert on Scottish accents. L.K.: I guess, although I swear I remember reading about some TMBG show in the UK where part … Continue reading

#75 – “Theme From Unlimited” (2001)

TMBG Unlimited - March

L.K.: Oh I need to re-listen to this, not sure if I know what it is… A.S.: Yeah, I can’t remember this one off-hand either. L.K.: What is the deal with TMBG and weird instrumental theme songs? A.S.: I have no idea, but yeah I guess it is pretty common… “Severe Tire Damage” for one. L.K.: That one was like … Continue reading

#74 – “David Dinkins” (1996)

House Of Mayors EP

L.K.: House of Mayors! Yes! I’ve been waiting for this. A.S.: Certainly one of the rarest and strangest items in the catalogue. And we begin our discussion of this rather esoteric EP with one of its strangest songs. L.K.: People who go into House of Mayors expecting it to be like State Songs, or even Linnell’s regular TMBG stuff, … Continue reading

#73 – “St. Louis” (2004)

Venue Songs

L.K.: I have to remember which one that is… A.S.: Yeah, this was one of the last venue songs that I came to recognize by its city title.  It’s a good song, but it does just sort of blend in with a lot of the other songs toward the end of the disc. L.K.: Ohhhhh, it’s Mississippi Nights! Okay, … Continue reading

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