#46 – “Budnitz #1” (2001)

They Might Be Giants vs. McSweeney's

L.K.: There’s so little to even say about this song since it’s so short and it’s an instrumental, but for a tiny little instrumental, I really enjoy it. Or at least I enjoy the first, faster part of it.

A.S.: Yeah, it’s just this cool little surf/spy thing.
L.K.: It’s also known as “Be Kind And Gentle”. Both of this song’s titles are so… enigmatic.
A.S.: Well, except that the first title is in reference to author Judy Budnitz.
L.K.: Yeah, but the #1.
A.S.: True, maybe there was another Budnitz piece written.
L.K.: True, with its own song, possibly. I really need a copy of the McSweeney’s book that came with these songs…
A.S.: I keep checking at the local Half Priced Books to no avail. What the hell happens at the end of this one, though?
L.K.: It just peters out into nothingness, which is always really disappointing (to me, at least).
A.S.: At least it’s not predictable?
L.K.: I guess, but I still would’ve preferred either an actual ending or a less anticlimactic one.
A.S.: What you’re really trying to say I think is that you wish they just jammed out on this one for a while? Because this could have fairly easily turned into something like “Guitar Was the Case”.
L.K.: Well I don’t really feel like it needs to be longer though. Just if it ended better! I love the little portamento effect on the keyboard, but other than that, that’s about all I have to say.
A.S.: Yeah, not much else on this one – neat little ditty!

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