#43 – “A Self Called Nowhere” (1994)

John Henry

A.S.: This song is incredible. L.K.: It really is. This unholy combination of faux-Boston accents and circular lyrics and that trippy chorus… none of it should work, but it does. Really really well. The verses feel like they’re not even from the same song, relative to the chorus. A.S.: This song has one of the strangest chord progressions of any pop song I know. It … Continue reading

#42 – “Leeds” (2004)

Venue Songs

L.K.: A REAL Venue Song! A.S.: Alright, well I’ll just go ahead and state the obvious that this is a Who reference, almost certainly thanks to the Live At Leeds LP, which I still confidently claim to be the greatest live album of all time. L.K.: A lot of Venue Songs are pretty blatant shoutouts to other bands. This one being … Continue reading

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