#41 – “Boston” (2004)

[audio http://www.theymightbegiants.com/mp3/boston.mp3]

L.K.: The infamous lost venue song, right?

A.S.: One of the infamous lost venue songs. This one is actually available on their website; the true lost venue song is “New York”, the Irving Plaza one.
L.K.: Given the questionable musical quality of some of the venue songs that actually were released, what is it about this one (and especially that one) that made them leave them off the album?
A.S.: I have no idea what kept “Irving Plaza” off because it apparently had a full set of lyrics or something, although I’ve never heard it. This one though seems to have virtually no effort put into it, it’s just this goofy keyboard rock and roll lick and the name of the venue. Even some of the lesser venue songs have the virtue of being flat-out weird (“Santa Cruz”), this one really has nothing going for it, and the band knew it when they played it.
L.K.: Venue Songs was such an insane idea for a project. They had to know going into it that there’d be no way they could write an actual song for every venue they played at. They made a really noble effort though, and do deserve commendation for that.
A.S.: All in all, they did an absolutely incredible job, especially given how little time they’d have to compose, rehearse, and perform the songs in the time between finding out where they were playing and the performance.
L.K.: It just seems like a ton of added stress atop the usual hassles of touring in general.
A.S.: Yeah, the difficulties of touring pretty much inhibit learning brand new material.
L.K.: “They’re not all…y’know…hit-bound.
A.S.: This one is still charming at least, in that the band knows they half-assed the song, so that self-awareness adds a positive bent to it.
L.K.: Bet the Boston concertgoers were still jealous of the folks in, say, Pittsburgh though. Even then, a minor venue song is still better than no venue song at all.
A.S.: Yep.  Nothing for Cleveland, or anywhere in Ohio.
L.K.: The sad thing is how many of the venues have closed since the time the songs were written.
A.S.: Ya know, the Avalon is one of them. Closed in 2007 and I guess it’s now a House of Blows?
L.K.: How many Avalons are there in Boston? The one I’m looking at seems to mostly have reviews for its reputation as a gay nightclub.
A.S.: I’m not sure, but yeah, seems that the one TMBG played at closed in 2007 and is now a House of Bros.
L.K.: Oh, this seems to be the same club, but I guess they had a “gay night” once a week. (No big light up sign though, as far as we know…)

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