#36 – “7-11” (1983?)

TMBG Unlimited - July

L.K.: I wish we knew exactly how old this song is, because it sounds like their other very very early stuff. A.S.: I suspect it’s from the infamous 1983 demo that the Johns have been pretty secretive about. L.K.: Even if it wasn’t on the demo itself, it at least sounds like it was recorded at around the … Continue reading

#35 – “Pennsylvania” (1999)

State Songs

L.K.: I don’t like this song. It’s annoying. I can’t even get excited about it being our first state song because this song annoys me so much. A.S.: See, I don’t understand what’s so annoying about it. It’s just this little (mostly) instrumental interlude; I like the violin too.  Pretty sure it’s the only tune on State Songs with a violin, … Continue reading

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