#20 – “I Hear The Wind Blow” (1992)

Apollo 18
(This song goes from 0:18 – 0:28)
L.K.: Well, this’ll be short. We’d been having such a good run of songs, we were about due for a “Fingertip” or something…
A.S.: Yes, an impressive ten-song streak has finally ended. I suppose we should contextualize for anyone reading this who is unaware (whoever on Earth you are, non-TMBG fan reading this), but this is one of 21 songs that total about four and a half minutes in length, known collectively as “Fingertips” that are placed toward the end of 1992’s Apollo 18 LP, mainly for the purpose of utilizing the then-relatively new “shuffle” feature on CD players to its full effect.
L.K.: It’s like The Commercial Album only even smaller.
A.S.: So what’s to say about this particular “Fingertip”? It’s got a bass clarinet, which can make even the most terrible songs slightly less terrible.
L.K.: It’s usually sung by Flans live, but on the original recording it’s sung by Nick Hill, who you might remember from such songs as “The Edison Museum”. He’s also a WFMU DJ.
A.S.: Former host of “Music Faucet”. I guess this one definitely has a real children’s music sonority to it, otherwise I think that just about does it for this 10-second long tune.
L.K.: We’ll certainly have more to say about “Fingertips” as a whole as we get to the other individual song snippets from it, but we’re pacing ourselves here. Be patient, everybody!
A.S.: Patience is its own reward.

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