#16 – “Tippecanoe And Tyler Too” (2004)

Venue Songs

L.K.: I was just thinking about this song all week, because I’ve been going back and listening to a bunch of political and presidential-themed music A.S.: It’s pretty nutty how all these songs keep conveniently popping up. This has to stop soon. L.K.: It’s too convenient. It’s eerie. A.S.: We can’t keep lucking out like this. L.K.: But yeah, this is … Continue reading

What else we’ve been listening to #1

Hey folks! We’re really happy to see so many people visiting, reading, and commenting on this blog, and we’re thrilled to see people taking an interest and joining in our discussions of various They Might Be Giants songs.  But we also love talking about other music as well, so we figured we could start an … Continue reading

#15 – “The Fellowship of Hell” (2011)

Album Raises New and Troubling Questions

L.K.: We were just wondering when a new song would pop up. A.S.: What the shit, we are getting so many good songs. I guess it was only a matter of time, given that there were what, 30 new songs last year or something L.K.: I would say that I was suspicious that this thing was rigged. Except … Continue reading

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