#26 – “Lazyhead And Sleepybones” (2002)


L.K.: Gotta go listen to this because I literally think I have only heard this song once; I’ve never listened to No! all the way through. A.S.: Really? L.K.: Yeah. A.S.: Oh wow. L.K.: The kids albums just… I mean, I’m not three years old, so I saw no reason to listen to them. A.S.: No! is a bit … Continue reading

#25 – “Dinner Bell” (1992)

Apollo 18

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Fan-made video up there contains images of internal organs, might not be for the squeamish.] L.K.: This is the sort of song that seems like it’d be impossible to pull off live… but they’ve done it. At least 40 times. They’ve never done so with enough vocalists to cover all the melodies, countermelodies, and harmonies … Continue reading

#24 – “Creepy” (Mono Puff; 1998)

It's Fun To Steal

A.S.: This song is called “Creepy”! L.K.: More Mono Puff, oh boy. A.S.: I was unaware there was a music video for this song until now. [One minute later]  Oh wait, it’s not actually a video, it’s just something Flans made. L.K.: Yeah, there is only one Mono Puff song that has an actual video. The rest are ridiculous … Continue reading

#23 – “I Hear A New World” (2004)

Cast Your Pod To The Wind

L.K.: I knew this was a theme song, but didn’t realize this was a cover. A.S. had it the other way around. A.S.: Yep, I knew this was a cover but I had no idea it was anything’s theme song. L.K.: Shame Flans’s radio show only lasted, what, two episodes? Not like he has the time to run a … Continue reading

#22 – “Oddball” (Mono Puff; 1996)

The Devil Went Down To Newport EP

L.K.: This is basically the straightest cover to ever… be a straight cover. A.S.: Right down to the vocal inflections. L.K.: Flans even mimes Frank Black’s HEY HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS GONNA SAY THAT. But yeah, it’s just that obvious. I think even Flans realized Mono Puff did a disproportionately large number of covers, which is probably why … Continue reading

#21 – “Extra Krispy” (Mono Puff; 1998)

It's Fun To Steal

L.K.: Our first Mono Puff song! First song from either man’s side-projects, actually, and this is a great song to illustrate the sort of things you could do with a side-project that wouldn’t really fit in with the rest of They Might Be Giants’ musical output. A.S.: Well, it’s not as if TMBG’s output really concedes to … Continue reading

#20 – “I Hear The Wind Blow” (1992)

Apollo 18

(This song goes from 0:18 – 0:28) L.K.: Well, this’ll be short. We’d been having such a good run of songs, we were about due for a “Fingertip” or something… A.S.: Yes, an impressive ten-song streak has finally ended. I suppose we should contextualize for anyone reading this who is unaware (whoever on Earth you are, non-TMBG fan reading … Continue reading

#19 – “Lie Still, Little Bottle” (1988)


A.S.: Well, we’re really blowing our load on the Lincoln tracks here. L.K.: We swear this isn’t rigged! Though I was just reappraising my feelings about Lincoln earlier today. I have no idea why I had such a lukewarm reception to this album before. A.S.: It’s consistently been my favorite since I first listened to it, I think. L.K.: I mean, my … Continue reading

#18 – “I Should Be Allowed To Think” (1994)

John Henry

L.K.: I have to start this discussion by saying that when other people were teenagers and were probably sneaking looks at pornography or something, I was sneaking my mom’s old college poetry textbook into my bedroom at night and was reading “Howl”. A.S.: Your mom wouldn’t let you read “Howl”? L.K.: …Also Edgar Allen Poe, but that’s unrelated … Continue reading

#17 – “We’re The Replacements” (1987)

Don't Let's Start EP

L.K.: You have much stronger feelings about this song than I do; a much stronger love. A.S.: This song rules. I honestly think it’s one of my absolute favorite TMBG tunes.  It’s always difficult to say as there are so many stellar songs, but this one will always inhabit a special place for me. After all, it’s … Continue reading

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